Ask Bottles & Cans! / Bottles & Cans asks you; plus, an Alpine update

beer-askWe’re closing in on our 100th post and, like many people, we have an inordinate fondness for round numbers. So in the run-up to The Century Mark on Monday, we’re going to look back, look forward, and announce a Big Giveaway on Friday. [Well, a small giveaway, but it’s semi-rare and semi-valuable.]

Today we’re launching a new feature: Ask Bottles & Cans! Do you have a question about the Rhode Island beer industry? Want to know the inspiration behind a local brew’s name? Wondering why you can’t get more than 72 ounces of beer at local breweries? Ask away and we’ll try to get the answers. Hit the comment link at the bottom of this item and/or send your inquiry to

And we’d like to ask for your input re: the fine establishments that are listed in the Beer On Tap and Beer To Go sidebars. If there’s a better beer store or bar that should be added, please let us know. Bigger’s not always better: we want to include everyone who is stepping up their beer game. [Note: we know a few places that should be on the list, but they don’t have sites to link to. When we’re in update mode, we’ll figure out a way to get them represented.]

alpine• Hop to it: If you want to be the first in line for a taste of the goodness from Alpine Beer Company, then shovel the driveway [again!] and get ready to head to Stevie D’s in Cumberland [401.658.2591] and Chomp in Warren [401.289.2324] for Hoppy Birthday, and Loie Fulller’s in Providence [401.273.4375; beer TBA]. The Alpine may start flowing on Thursday, but contact those fine establishments for specific ETAs. When we get more log destinations we’ll share ’em on Twitter @BottlesCansRI.

• And let’s raise a glass to George Harrison, who would have been 72 today:

One thought on “Ask Bottles & Cans! / Bottles & Cans asks you; plus, an Alpine update

  1. With so many types of hops available, how would a lay-person like myself know from smell or taste which hops are in a particular beer? I understand some hops are used for bittering and some for flavoring, but which ones for which? Which hops are typically piney in smell, citrusy in smell, etc.? Thank you for your time.


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