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In our column in the brandy-new 4/20 Issue of Motif, we have intel on the latest developments at Long Live Beerworks, Beer On Earth, Ragged Island, and Narragansett Beer, and a lightning round featuring tidbits from Shaidzon, Norey’s/Proclamation, Apponaug Brewing, and Whalers!

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Welcome to Community Bruin

Community Bruin , Rhode Island’s newest brewery, has opened in West Greenwich [74 Nooseneck Hill Rd]. Carl Mattson notes that his operation is “the smallest nano-brewery in the smallest state in the US,” with a half-barrel setup; he adds that “the plan is to be small enough to experiment with some five-gallon homebrew-sized batches of beer to sample in the tasting room, as well as increase the volume to a more marketable sized half-barrel to a full barrel of production so customers may purchase some beer to go.” [And FYI, the name is a regional dialect play on “brewin’ some beah.”]

Last week, the tap list included Chamomile Blonde, a pilsner with chamomile, honey, and vanilla flavors; Pizza II, a pilsner and maize base, with added “pizza” accents; Wild Bore, an amber clone from Bermuda, malty and mild hops; and Munich SMaSH, made with Munich Malt, Columbus Hops; there were two beers on deck: St. Joseph, a copper-colored clone from Italy, to honor the Saint; and Gingerbread Cookie, a brown Ale with ginger spice [our fave Spice Girl].

CB is open on Saturdays from 1-4. Get updates at