Pour and taste beer like a pro, a Sriracha beer, the Napa Valley of beer, and more


Dig into these diverse beer reads while digging into more of the T-giving leftovers. . .

10 Things the Beer Industry Won’t Tell You, by Priya Anand @ MarketWatch [“1. People drink less beer than they used to.”]

How To Pour and Taste Beer Like a Pro, by Kevin Loria @ Business Insider [“If you’re drinking good beer (craft, preferably local) in the first place, you’re already doing it right, but here’s how to take your beer game to the next level.”]

Should You Drink a Sriracha Beer?, by Marcy Franklin @ The Braiser [“(Rogue) is known for wacky beers. Take the Old Crustacean Barleywine, or the Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale, or Beard Beer.”]

Why It’s a Lot Harder To Spill Beer Than Coffee, by Chris Mills @ Gizmodo [“It turns out that beer also has its very own built-in anti-spill mechanism.”]

The Napa Valley of Beer, by Bill McKibben @ Mens’ Journal [“(Vermont) has become the beer capital of the U.S., perhaps of the world. What Silicon Valley is to technology, Vermont is to beer. And it makes Napa look tame by comparison: You don’t hear about people lining up for hours to get the latest cabernet.”]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you, dear readers, for hanging out at this little corner of the web [please tell your beer-loving friends about this modest enterprise]. It’s been fun doing Bottles & Cans on a daily basis. If you have some extra time over this long weekend, scroll down [and down and down] and dive into our beer-soaked archives. Cheers!

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And here’s the massacree:

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Thanksgiving pairings: the Beer Hunter and a mega-chart

We took some of our own advice re: sharing “crazy beers” on Thanksgiving and just went out in a downpour to get a six-pack of Victory Prima Pils. Yeah, we’re dedicated — and/or stoopid. In the not-so-crazy dept., we have two other items to share for your holiday prepping: a classic article — “Beer at the Thanksgiving table,” by Michael Jackson, aka the Beer Hunter — which ran in The Washington Post on November 16, 1983. The editor’s note on the post at beerhunter.com says, “It was one of Michael Jackson’s first articles to appear on the subject of matching food and beer.” Read Tom Acitelli’s piece at All About Beer for some perspective on the landmark “beer-food first” [and a month from now, you should give Tom’s book, The Audacity of Hops: The History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution, to all the better beer enthusiasts on your list].

And here’s a handy chart from Vinepair.com with pairing suggestions for beer, wine, and spirits. Pick your spots: there’s a whole lotta happy juice here:


Tilted Barn’s grand opening; plus, pre-T-giving brewery updates

All smiles: Matt and Kara at Tilted Barn

Tilted Barn Brewery in Exeter had its grand opening on Saturday. Matt and Kara Richardson’s labor of love was met with universal acclaim on the social mediums [“The beer is amazing and it was worth the frozen toes!”; “Well worth the wait!”; “Things were running smoothly and the beer was tasty!!”]. We asked Matt for his reaction to the Big Day:

“The turnout for our opening was amazing. People braved the cold and waited in line for over an hour but everyone seemed to have a great time. We had Half-Mile IPA, First Harvest Pale Ale, and jack. (our pumpkin ale brewed with pumpkins grown right here on the farm) on tap and judging by the early response, everyone really enjoyed them. We won’t have jack. again until next fall but we’ve got more Half-Mile fermenting already and First Harvest is on deck.

“Based on the turnout and demand, we’re changing our hours to Thursday nights from 5 to 8 starting December 4 so we don’t interfere with our busy Christmas tree weekends on the farm. After the holidays we’ll go back to adding Saturday afternoons for tours and tastings. We’re brewing a yet-to-be-named Christmas ale this week and plan to add a coffee stout soon after. And we’ll keep brewing Half-Mile and First Harvest as fast as people can drink it!”

Check Tilted Barn’s Facebook page for updates. Congrats, folks!

Two breweries will have special hours this week so you can fill your growlers [and do some tasting, too] and share the local goodness at the holiday. Grey Sail will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 to 8 pm [plus Friday and Saturday from 12 to 8 and Sunday from 1 to 5], and Crooked Current will be pouring Plunderdome Pumpkin Maple Ale, Immorality Pale Ale, and Kickback American Wheat on Wednesday from 5-8. Give thanks for local beer!

And don’t forget the release party for Goose Island’s Bourbon County Brand Stout, at both Doherty’s locations [Warwick and Pawtucket] on Wednesday. Read all it about here!

In praise of Coffee Milk Stout, a smart beer app, pairings for Thanksgiving, and more

Here’s a well-rounded mix-a-six of beer writing from around the web. [And please scroll down to catch up with our week’s worth of news and views — we’re working here at the Bottles & Cans desk!]

CMS-with-Mug This Coffee Milk Stout Is the Pride of New England, by Will Gordon @ The Concourse [“All Gansett beers are decent these days, and some of them are excellent. Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout leans somewhere toward the better end of that spectrum.” And definitely chcek out the comments, there’s a lotta fun there.]

The 10 Most Traveled For Beers In America, by Tom White @ the Orbitz Travel Blog [“As the craft beer boom continues, serious fans go to ever greater lengths to get their hands on the latest limited-release grail brews.”]

Six Craft Beer Terms Every Beer Geek Should Know, by John Verive @ the Los Angeles Times [“Though there won’t be a test on the vocab, we’d recommend studying up anyway; it’s a great excuse to sit down with a pint or two.”]

A Smart Beer and Wine Sommelier for Your Phone, by Matt Allyn @ Men’s Journal [“Unlike similar beer and wine-recommendation apps that base potential matches by user reviews, the Android and iOS Next Glass creates a chemical profile of every beverage it enters in its database.”]

The Man Who Dumps More Beer Than Most Brewers Produce, by Chris Pagnotta @ Men’s Journal [“Read brews 15 barrels of beer in his two to four daily batches and typically packages only about four cases worth of bottles from each session.”]

Expert Beer Pairings That Will Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner Even More Delicious, by Rebecca Shapiro @ the Huffington Post [“If you ask beer enthusiasts why they love to drink beer on Thanksgiving, they might tell you that the reason dates back to the Mayflower.”]

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Finally Friday: Foolproof, Beer’d, Proclamation, and Stone Enjoy By

We’ve already covered some of the notable brew items: scroll down to read about the Bucket Brewery’s Friday Night Sound Check, Tilted Barn’s first day of tours, tastings, and growler fills [Saturday], “GUNS & BEER V” and the Beer Summit Harvest Fest [both on Saturday] [plus the screening of R.E.M. By MTV on Saturday]. Here are a few more notes to whet your palate:

Foolproof will unveil this year’s batch of Revery, its potent [10.7%ABV] Russian Imperial Stout. It’s a smooth sipper and a 3Cs bomb [chocolate, coffee, caramel]. It will be on tap at the brewery [241 Grotto Ave, Pawtucket, 401.721.5970] today from 5 to 7 pm [and on Saturday from 1 to 5 for tours and tastings], and will be in stores next week.

Organized Play Date IPA

With gas below $3 a gallon, you should consider heading to the Beer’d Brewing Co. in Stonington, CT [22 Bayview Ave, 860.857.1014]. Aaren is pouring three of his very best beers — Hobbit Juice DIPA, World At Large APA, and Organized Play Date IPA [brewed with Night Shift], plus Whisker’d Wit and Thunder From Down Under APA [hint: those are top-notch too]. The space is open today from 5-9 pm and on Saturday from 11 am-3 pm [note: unlike RI, CT does not have a 72-ounce growler limit].

Proclamation Ale [141 Fairgrounds Rd, West Greenwich, 401.787.6450] is open from 5 to 8 pm [but closed tomorrow to prep for its expansion]. On tap: 32-oz. growlers and tastings of Derivative [American Pale Ale] and the first batch of Son of Sim [a Simcoe-stuffed  IPA], plus Plattelander [a farmhouse-style saison, 750ml bottles and tastings] and Plattelander Rood, a “funky red saison” [500ml bottles]. In the soon-come dept., Dave will be pouring the Trickster and Juice Bomb ’Splozionz. Yep, we’re intrigued.

And the new edition of Stone Enjoy By is arriving in stores today. You know the drill: the “devastatingly fresh” double IPA hits selected markets a week after being bottled [quite an accomplishment] and boldly declares its end-of-maximum-pleasure date on the front of the bomber. It was shipped to 40 states [and Puerto Rico]; the last edition in the Ocean State was dated 7.4.14. This one needs to be savored by 12.26.14; when we hit “publish” on this post [at 2:30 pm], the website said that you have 35 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes, and 14 seconds to Enjoy It . . . .

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