Read all about it: Beervana…and we’re outta here!

In our column in the brandy-new Beer Issue of Motif, we get you psyched for the 11th edition of Beervana — bigger and better than evah!

Click here to read the HTML version; and/or click here and flip to page 12 for the Virtual Newspaper Experience.

And [spoiler alert], as the hed on this post hints, it’s our last hurrah at Motif [and here at B&C, moreorless]. Here’s our fond farewell, for the click-thru-averse crowd:

We’re relinquishing our Official Beer Writing Credentials (and surrendering our pretzel necklace). It’s been a privilege to chronicle the ever-growing 401 beer scene in the pages of the Providence Phoenix (which expired five years ago – the time, it flies!), at the Bottles & Cans & Just Clap Your Hands blog and in these “Got Beer?” columns. We would like to express the deepest appreciation to all of the 401 better beer folk (particularly beer guru Chuck Borkoski) who have shared their insight, experience – and, most notably, time – since we started scribbling about the biz in 2011. And thanks to you, dear readers.

‘Nuf sed.