Beervana fest: the floor plan

Here’s our final pre-Beervana Fest share. On 9.28 we posted the beer list; we also ran a paean to the fest in Motif. Well, The Big Day is tomorrow [Friday 10.12] — and the event is Officially Sold-Out. We’ve been advising you to get a game plan. There are 65 tables hosting breweries and distributors pouring more than 275 beers. So work the list and compile your must-haves — but keep your ears perked for the “you gotta try this!” exultations of your fellow Beervanaites.

The true obsessives [you know who you are] have been waiting for the last piece of the Beervana puzzle: the floor plan. So here it is:

It’s Providence Craft Beer Week; and Apponaug Brewing is open!

We haven’t scared up much info re: what’s going on to celebrate Providence Craft Beer Week [truthbetold, it’s never caught on as a Big Beer Deal], but there are big doings at Julians [318 Broadway, Providence] and Pizza J [967 Westminster St, Providence] this week, courtesy of Beervana Fest co-head honcho Brian Shawn Oakley:

Each night will include a rep from the brewery and giveaways and whatnot. Beers on all night. Brewery peeps hanging 7-9.

And of course this year’s official Beervana Fest 2017 after-party will be at Pizza J 10 pm-?

Come hang out with the brewers and volunteers from this epic program and of course there will be beer! Here are the details:


1639 Pale Ale — Pale ale brewed with pineapple [5.4% ABV]

Rhode Rage — Double Hazy IPA- 8.5% ABV]

Comfortably Unaware — New England IPA [6.7% ABV]

Spies Like Us — Rich, roasted malts, gentle British hopping with earthy Fuggles hops help create just the right balance and character that this style is famed for [10.5% ABV]

Be Hoppiest — Be Hoppiest Triple IPA. [10.7% ABV]

Fresh Patch — Named Fresh Patch thanks to using 100 pounds of local pumpkins and blending it with Wormtown’s secret spice recipe to create this exceptional brew. This result is a medium-bodied ale with a fresh pumpkin pie aroma and complemented with flavors of pumpkin and spice in every sip. All treat, no trick! [4.5% ABV]

Tendril IPA — West/east IPA notes of pine, grapefruit, citrus, floral hop profile. Soft mouthfeel, dry, and lowered bitterness for a super-drinkable IPA [7.5% ABV]

Stalk DIPA — This amped-up mother, of earth shredding greenery, is Proclamation’s full-scale hop assault [8.5% ABV]

Coffee Broze — Chocolatey oatmeal milk stout, this batch contains Barrington coffee [6.5% ABV]



Sasuga — A farmhouse ale fermented with rice and aged in stainless tanks with brettanomcyes. Hazy blonde in color. [5.5% ABV]

Moon Rocks — A farmhouse ale brewed with wheat and spelt grain. It is fermented and aged in stainless tanks with a house culture of yeast and bacteria. mixed culture. Hazy Blonde in color. [4.5% ABV]

Horizontal Lines — Pilsner DH with Amarillo, subtle orange notes [5.2% ABV]

Light Sensitive — DDH IPA with Mosaic/Belma hops [7.6% ABV]

XYZ — Baltic Porter with cacao/marshmallow [9.6% ABV]

KnottyBits — BEERVANA SUPER-EXCLUSIVE!!! We snuck this out of Delaware!! KnottyBits is wood-aged for a year with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, then racked onto several hundred pounds of sweet and sour cherries, and locally-sourced rhubarb. [8.2% ABV]

Liquid Truth Serum — An unfiltered IPA that’s bursting with ALL the hops, Liquid Truth Serum is brewed using a unique process that incorporates four different states of hops: whole leaf, liquefied, pelletized and powdered. The result is a blissfully inefficient IPA full of citrusy and tropical notes, that’s truthfully hoppy without being deceptively bitter … honest. [7% ABV]

Bourbon Barrel Aged Palo Santo — DFH took their unfiltered, unfettered, unprecedented Palo Santo Marron aged in handmade wooden brewing vessels and aged it in it in not one, but two kinds of wood! First, it spends a month aging in the 10,000-gallon Palo Santo tanks made from South American “holy wood,” which provides layers of caramel and sandalwood. Then, it spends four more months in bourbon barrels for notes of oaky vanilla and coconut. [12-14% ABV]

Pastiche — Pastiche is a barrel-aged blend of four different ales aged in twice as many barrels. The beers in this blend use various local malts and were created specifically for Pastiche by our team of senior brewers. Barrels included in the aging process were: rye whiskey, vermouth, port, rum, bourbon, red wine, gin, and brandy. Style…good question! I’d say a barrel-aged ale? [8.5% ABV]

Brett IPA — Brett IPA plays off this piece of brewing lore by pairing Brettanomyces—a yeast that exhibits itself as ripe fruit rather than strong funk or sourness — with multiple varieties of fruit-forward hops.Aromas of citrus, pineapple, and passion fruit meld into tropical flavors that pair nicely with the beer’s lightly hopped body. Style is a Brett IPA haha [7% ABV]

Florette — Florette pours a light red color thanks to the hibiscus petals we add in the whirlpool. On top of color, the petals add a subtle undercurrent of tartness to balance the beer’s hop-derived citrus and tropical fruit notes. Local honey and Belgian-style yeast add the final layer of fruit-forward esters, making for an end result that’s both elegant and extremely drinkable. [6.8% ABV]

Hang with the team and brewers that bring you this exciting night! 10 pm-?

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Apponaug Brewing had its grand opening on Saturday [10.6], with eight beers on tap and a coupla offerings from local brewmaking pals. The hours posted on their website and Facebook have conflicting info, but they’ll be open Tuesday-Thursday from 4-10, with supersized weekend hours [closed Monday]. Cheers to the state’s freshest brew crew!

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And click here to read the HTML version of our latest valentine to Rhode Island’s Unparalleled Beer Event®; the Virtual Newspaper Experience hasn’t been added to the “Newest Issue” link @ the top of the page [as of 10.3 @ 9:49 am], but it will be there eventually . . . .