After three years in the now-defunct Providence Phoenix, Bottles & Cans & Just Clap Your Hands is now digital and mostly-daily, with news on Rhode Island breweries, events, and the freshest releases from our own backyahd and beyond. Send info, musings, and feedback to bottlescansclaphands@yahoo.com.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. How about a roundup of beer bars in Newport? The Daily News won’t touch this- only allow to write about Newport Storm & Coddington- advertisers.
    Norey’s, Malt, Parlor (old Cafe 200 has Whaler’s on tap), Wharf Pub, Pour Judgment, Yesterday’s all have great taps, no one will write about it.


  2. Hi Liisa,

    I completely agree! But just so you know, as the PR coordinator for the Newport Storm Brewery, we are not advertising with The Daily News. We like to for big events, like our Newport Craft Beer Fest or Luau to benefit the Fort Adams Trust, but we do not pay for coverage in the paper. Articles we’ve been featured in, like Beer Chaser written by Gary Ruff, are done on their accord. Just don’t want you to get the wrong impression about us. Cheers!


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