One tap closes, another tap opens: goodbye Bucket, hello Beer On Earth [updated]

Sad news from Pawtucket: On Monday [1.22], 990WBOB reported that Bucket Brewery “will be shuttering its doors in the coming months, and their brewing facility will be put up for sale as a turn-key operation.”

The piece continued, “In an email sent to members of the Rhode Island Brewer’s Guild, Bucket Brewery founder Nate Broomfield announced the facility’s closure, citing business challenges.

” ‘From the start, it’s been a challenge to keep things going, but too much has piled up for me to be able to operate any longer,’ said Broomfield. ‘We’ll be open for a while longer while we work through our existing stock, but will not be brewing to replace any of it.’ ”

We’ve reached out to Nate for further comment and hope to update this post. We wish him the best of luck in his post-Bucket pursuits.

[Updated at 10:56 am] Here’s the official statement from Nate at Bucket:

Bucket Brewery is announcing the closure of its brewing and tap room facilities located on Carver St. The final business date will be in mid-March, with closing events and specific dates to follow this release.

We at Bucket want to thanks our customers, staff, family, friends, and vendors, for the years of loyal support. When Bucket first took shape, the brewing industry in Rhode Island was just beginning a course that has seen a massive expansion to the number of breweries across the state. We’ve been a welcome part of an ever expanding family, and have both supported and been supported by each other. Bucket was founded and expanded with a specific business plan in mind, and we’ve worked to adapt that plan as the state laws, consumers, and direction of microbrewery ownership have changed.

Within the last few months, we’ve weighed the business on all levels and determined that the current path ultimately is not what we want for Bucket. As such, we are preparing the facility for sale and closing operations effective March 2018. Until that date, we will remain in operation under normal business hours, and welcome the brewing community to come visit us and help us clear out our stock.

Our thanks again to everyone who has believed in us over the years, your friendship and business has been greatly appreciated and we look forward to the future.

• • •

On Sunday [1.21], the duo at Beer On Earth announced that “with approval from the TTB in hand, we are excited to announce our intention to open for business in the Spring of 2018!”

Paul DiBiase and Adam Henderson’s backstory is posted on the Beer On Earth website: “We began our journey with a 30-gallon stockpot we bought at Job Lot, a mesh bag, a bunch of books about beer, and an intense desire to make beers that we could be proud of. Focused on brewing styles not typically found in the region, we researched ingredients, refined recipes, and applied feedback to brew the best beer possible on our three-gallon system week after week. After taking home gold and bronze medals at the 2017 New England Regional Homebrew Competition in Manchester, NH, we knew that we were heading in the right direction. With a new-found confidence, we secured a location for our brewery, applied for our licenses, and ordered a three-barrel brew system with a handful of fermenters.”

On their Twitter account, they added, “Beer On Earth will be a nanobrewery dedicated to crafting high-quality ales and lagers in low-quantity batches. We will brew a wide variety of worldly-inspired beer styles using local ingredients when possible, while causing no unnecessary harm to the environment. Our brewery and taproom, which will cohabitate with Great Harvest Bread Co in North Kingstown [at 6670 Post Rd], will feature 6-8 beers on tap in a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere.”

Congrats to the latest 401 beerists! Follow BOE’s progress on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.