Go get beer [4.28-5.1], featuring a Proclamation/Tilted Barn collab

OK, we’re back on the “Go Get Beer” trail! Here’s what you can get 72 ounces of this weekend:

 Proclamation Ale Company [Thursday 3:30-7 pm, Friday 3:30-8, Saturday 12-7, Sunday 12-5] will debut Rype [growlers/tastings], an “apricot/rye IPA brewed with our friends from down the road at Tilted Barn Brewery. Fruit and tartness from the apricot mixed with some dankness from HBC 342, Galaxy and Pacific Gem hops. Matt [Richardson of TTB] will be hanging out for a while [we’ll probably make him do dishes].” The rest of the lineup: Tendril [“WHAT? It’s back and might be finally dialed in… can you imagine? Big pine/grapefruit old school hop profile. 7.5% ABV”]; Derivative: Citra [growlers/tastings] and Galaxy [bottles/growlers/tastings]; and Plattelander [“Batch 4. Classic saison profile; slight pepper, citrus and bubblegum. Brett added prior to bottling, so the beer will gain a brett presence over cellaring”; bottles only/no tastings].

 Tilted Barn will have a special Friday night event [5-8 pm] to share their share of Rype, plus Second Harvest and Raffi [growlers/tastings] and Propagator #1 [“an experimental hoppy beer”; tastings only].

 At Grey Sail [Thursday + Friday 4-7 pm, Saturday + Sunday 1-5]: Hazy Day [Belgian wit], Flagship [cream ale], Flying Jenny [extra pale ale], Leaning Chimney [smoked porter], Black Mast [American stout], Pour Judgement [IPA], Great Ketch [IPL], and Captain’s Daughter [imperial IPA].

 At Foolproof [Friday 4-7 pm, Saturday + Sunday 1-6]: Shuckolate, Revery, Peanut Butter Raincloud, Backyahd, Barstool, La Ferme Urbaine, Raincloud, and Queen and King of the Yahd — plus a cask of Queen with extra raspberry, vanilla bean, and Citra, and Queen on nitro.

 At Long Live Beerworks [Wednesday-Friday  4-9 pm, Saturday 1-8]: Shop Truck DIPA [9% ABV], West Side Pride [special bitter, 6.85%], and Heck Hound [smoky red ale, 6.%]. On Firkin Friday: Rum Ham — Heck Hound in a cask with pineapple soaked in spiced rum.

 At Newport Storm [Thursday-Saturday 12-6 pm, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, 12-5]: the seasonal Pilsner, plus Hurricane Amber Ale, India Point Ale, Rhode Island Blueberry, Spring Irish Red Ale, and Summer Hefeweizen.

 At Whaler’s Brewing [Thursday + Friday 4-8 pm, Saturday 1-7, Sunday 1-5]: Hazelnut Stout, Spiced Berliner Weisse, Manmosa, Ginger Wheat, a Rye Pale Ale, and the Wanderer [double IPA]. And Whaler’s brews are now available in 32-ounce cans!

 At Bucket Brewery [Friday 1-7:30 pm, Saturday 11 am-5 pm, tours on Saturday at 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30]: Prudence & Patience Gose, 33rd Inning Red Rye Lager, Pawtucket Pail Ale, Park Loop Vanilla Porter, Black Goat of the Woods, and Leroy: The Million Dollar IPA.

 Seek and find for theeself re: Crooked Current, Ravenous, and Revival.

Welcome to RI: DuClaw and Evil Genius

On 4.18 we heralded the arrival of von Trapp Brewing, Maui Brewing Co., and Brewmaster Jack. Well, when it rains beer, it pours. Let’s welcome two more high-quality beer makers to the Ocean State!

DuClaw_MDpride-570x427 First up: DuClaw Brewing Company from Baltimore, MD. We were going to do a thumbnail bio, but the About statement on their website — “A History of ‘Making it Cool’ ” — is a very entertaining read [with a shoutout to Alta Vista!], so let’s do the copy/paste thang:

Dave Benfield, the grand poo-bah of DuClaw Brewing Company, began home brewing beer while in college, presumably for the only reason that guys in college do anything: to meet girls. What originally began as a way for Dave and his friends to supply themselves with beer and female admirers, soon evolved into something more.

Upon graduating, Dave accepted a position in his family’s business, but continued to hone his ninja-like brewing skills in secret. Despite his best efforts to brew on the down-low, he couldn’t hide his obsession from his parents: he was always tired, smelled of spent grain, and mumbled incessantly about “carboys” and “original gravities” in his sleep. Instead of staging an intervention, his parents asked if he was thinking about a career change. “Uhhhhh…yep,” he answered hesitantly, and once he convinced his mother to stop crying and his father to untie the noose and climb down from the stool, his golden retriever-like enthusiasm and Steve Jobsian vision won them over.

He had, he told them, a completely original idea – a restaurant with a small brewery inside that served its own original craft brewed beer. He would call it a “brewpub.” A 56k dial-up trip to Alta Vista crushed the “completely original idea” part of his plan, as dozens of craft brewpubs already existed around the country, but Dave was undeterred, as he knew that he could make his brewpub stand out from all of the rest with one simple twist on the already tried and true formula: He was going to make his “cool.”

In 1995, he dove in headfirst and by 1996, DuClaw Brewing Company of Bel Air opened its doors to an unprepared world. Within one year, DuClaw Brewing Company was dubbed “Bel Air’s hippest establishment” by the local newspaper. It was new, it was different, it was fresh, and it stayed true to the central pillar of his mission: It was cool.

Today, Dave and DuClaw Brewing Company Brewmaster Jim Wagner are the masterminds behind our amazing array of craft brewed beers. Through constant innovation and testing of new recipes, combinations and ingredients, the pair have brewed more than 35 unique beers and countless variations and blends. Some are available on tap and in bottles year round, while the others rotate in and out of our lineup depending upon available ingredients, seasonal appropriateness of the style, and what we’re in the mood to drink that week.

Having outgrown our original brewing facility in Bel Air, and our 2nd brewery in Abingdon, MD, DuClaw Brewing Company is now housed in a large, state of the art facility on the outskirts of Ball’mer, dedicated to keeping up with the growing demand for our ever-expanding lineup of beers. The rest of the DuClaw Brewing Company staff, from Creative to Distribution, works together with Dave and Jim from the conception of the name to the branding and product launch, to create a unique image and identity for each and every new beer, with Dave’s original mantra still the only guiding principal: Make it cool.

Five cool brews are in the initial shipment from DuClaw: the year-rounders Neon Gypsy [IPA, 6.5% ABV], Dirty Little Freak [coconut caramel chocolate brown ale, 5.8%; the label copy warns that “There is no safe word!”], and the seriously delicious Sweet Baby Jesus! [chocolate peanut butter porter, 6.2%; SBJ has been trade bait in these parts, and is sure to be flying off the shelves]; the seasonal Funk [blueberry citrus wheat, 5%]; and the limited release Blood Orange Neon Gypsy IPA, the first entry in their Hop Continuum Series [6.5%]. It’s a sweet ’n’ solid lineup [thanks for the samples, Sean!] which will diversify your palate’s portfolio. Look for them in stores and on tap starting next week. [FYI, Rhode Island is the first state in New England to sell DuClaw.]

We’ll let the MD crew have the last words. Their silver bottle cap declares, “Craft Be Cherished. Rules Be Damned,” and every label has this motto: “Respect the Fluid.” ’Nuff said!

 Next up: Evil Genius Beer Company, of West Grove, PA [about 45 miles west of Philly]. Co-founder Luke Bowen sent us the backstory:

Evil Genius was formed in 2011 after two friends Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward met in college at Villanova University. Within two weeks of starting, Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns had failed, and the depth of the financial crisis became dizzyingly apparent. Having formed a close friendship over their passion for beer, they decided to partner in creating their own company, and therefore jobs for themselves and for others.

Evil Genius brews beer in Philadelphia, PA and Bloomfeild, CT. Evil Genius sells 18 different draft and bottled beers throughout seven states. Each beer is made with all natural ingredients, European & North American Malts, and hop varieties from three continents.

Evil Genius is thrilled to launch the Rhode Island market because we have some amazing summer beers which are sure to please during the hot days by the shore.

A half-dozen brews will be hitting the Rhody market next week; the Evil Geniuses note that they boast “Very silly names for very serious beers.” The lineup: the year-rounders Stacy’s Mom Citra IPA [7.5 %]; Evil Eye PA [6%]; and Purple Monkey Dishwasher Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter [6.7%] — stage your own blind tasting with fresh bottles of PMD and DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus! It’s a Mid-Atlantic Reese’s-esque battle!! Also on the way: Ma! The Meatloaf! Mango Belgian Wit [a spring release, 5.5%]; and the summer seasonals Turtle Power Grapefruit Pale Ale [6%] and I Love Lamp Pineapple Hefeweizen [5.5%].

Huzzah to this truckload of new beery goodness!

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Read all about it: craft beer five years after the Goose Island deal; fractional pours; talkin’ Reinheitsgebot; and more

Copenhagen-Beer-Celebration-Logo$smallA wide range of beer reads for your rainy day pleasure:

The deal that shook craft beer five years ago is still reverberating, by Jason Notte @ Market Watch [“Anheuser-Busch’s purchase of Goose Island opened the floodgates for acquisitions in the craft beer industry”]

The value of fractional pours, by Tim Brady @ the Brewers Association website [“As more breweries enter the market, and more craft beer bars emerge to showcase obscure and unique offerings, selecting a beer that you’ll like has become ever more challenging. At the same time, the cost of a pint has risen nationwide, which can make it a gamble to order a beer you’ve never tasted before. Speaking as a consumer, brewery and craft beer bar owner: How do we deal with this?”]

A debate over Germany’s beer law as it celebrates a 500th anniversary, by Joe Sicpack @ The Philadelphia Inquirer [“The traditionalist sees it as the benchmark of beer purity, a law whose tight brewing restrictions are responsible for the finest beer in the world.
The modernist looks at it as repressive, a law that stifles the creativity responsible for the most diverse beer in the world.”]

At Israeli brewery, last sip of beer Jesus might have drunk, by Dan Williams @ Reuters

Boston will host the Copenhagen Beer Celebration this fall, by Bryanna Cappadona @ Boston.com [“The (fest), which gives event-goers the chance to try more than 100 craft beers from 50-plus breweries around the world, is coming to City Hall Plaza on September 23 and 24 for two days of outdoor revelry. The original celebration, which was established by Mikkeller co-founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, has taken place every year in Denmark since 2012, selling out to people from all over. Boston’s Copenhagen Beer Celebration will mark the first of its kind in the United States.”]

And ICYMI, here’s our our epic feature in the new Motif [The Spring Beer Issue]: Talking beer with RI’s brewing brain trust

Read all about it: Talking with RI’s brewing brain trust

Image courtesy of CraftBeer.com

Here’s the intro to our feature [a full page! a torrent of words!!] — “Talking with RI’s brewing brain trust” — from the new “Spring Beer Issue” of Motif:

Do you want to get to know the people who make your beer ’round here? We sent queries to local pros — and they answered them! Meet our panel of owner/brewmasters [except where noted]: Nate Broomfield of Bucket Brewery; Armando DeDona of Long Live Beerworks; Josh Dunlap and Wes Staschke [co-founders/brewers] and Chris Smith [brewer] of Whaler’s Brewing; Nick Garrison, owner of Foolproof Brewing Company; Mark Hellendrung, president of Narragansett Beer; Derek Luke, co-founder and brew master at Newport Storm; Matt Richardson of Tilted Barn Brewery; Dorian Rave of Ravenous Brewing Co.; and Dave Witham, co-owner and brewmaster at Proclamation Ale Company.

The brew crew addressed five Qs:

What was the first great beer you ever had — your gateway brew to the World of Better Beer?

What brewer or brewery has been a big influence on your approach to beer making?

Beer names are fun! Which of your brewery’s beer names is your favorite?

Let’s say that The Food Network signs you up to do a show about your brewery. What would you call the series?

Tell us about a beer you have in the pipeline that readers can look forward to sipping soon.

Click here to get the answers [and/or click here and flip to page 6 if you’d rather have the Virtual Newspaper Experience].

[P.S.: We didn’t assemble a “go get beer” report this week. Hit our handy-dandy brewery links wherever they appear on your screen to glean the data.]

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Welcome to RI: Cheers to new beers from von Trapp, Maui, and Brewmaster Jack

VTReady for even more beer choices? A few brands are new to the Rhode Island market:

 Here’s the PR straight outta Stowe, VT: “Von Trapp Brewing is pleased to present the release of their Austrian-inspired lagers to the state of Rhode Island beginning April 18.

“The Austrian-Style beers are brewed with pure Vermont spring water sourced from their property in Stowe, VT and the finest traditional ingredients. Following the family heritage, the brewery incorporates the German Beer Purity Laws; ‘Reinheitsgebot,’ while crafting their unique lagers.  Von Trapp Brewing’s current distribution footprint includes Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and now Rhode Island.

“ ‘While Rhode Island’s craft breweries have a great reputation,’ says Sam von Trapp, Executive VP of Operations, ‘we at von Trapp Brewing are extremely excited to bring our crisp lagers to the Ocean State beer community.’ ”

The von Trapp lineup includes Weissbier, Golden Helles, Bohemian Pilsner, Vienna Style Lager, and Dunkel Lager. Their motto promises “A Little of Austria, a Lot of Vermont.”

 Now we’re traveling 4915 miles away from Stowe to say “aloha” to the beers from Maui Brewing Co., the pride of Lahaina, Hawaii. Be on the lookout for cans of their flagship offerings — Bikini Blonde Lager, Big Swell IPA, CoCoNut PorTer, and Mana Wheat.

BrewsJack_loho And let’s circle back to Northampton, MA to welcome the highly acclaimed creations from Brewmaster Jack. From their mission statement: “Brewmaster Jack was founded without any specific niche; just this sort of nebulous blob of love for craft beer.” There’s a limited supply of the initial shipment at better beer stores, including the imperial IPAs Hoppiness Is a Warm Pun and Good Sense, and Tennessee Prinse, a quadrupel ale aged in oak whiskey barrels [11.5% ABV].

 ICYMI: Tickets for the Newport Craft Beer Festival sold out on Saturday. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

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Go get beer [4.14-17]; get your tix NOW for the Newport Craft Beer Fest; and the Beer Summit

We have a growler-less-than-half-full post this week [we gotta up our squeaky wheeling game], but here’s what we do know re: what’s pouring this weekend:

 At Proclamation Ale Company [Thursday 3:30-7 pm, Friday 5-9, Saturday 12-7, Sunday 12-5]: The Stalk [double IPA made with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops, 8.6% ABV]; Derivative: Citra and Mosaic [pale ale, 6%]; Process/Progress #3 [IPA with 40% rye in the malt base, 6.5%]; and Burgess [“ESB brewed with English malts/hops/yeast,” 5%].

Tilted Barn will be closed on Saturday; in case you missed their announcement, they’ll be open every other week through June 4.

At Grey Sail [Thursday + Friday 4-7 pm, Saturday + Sunday 1-5]: Hazy Day [Belgian wit], Flagship [cream ale], Flying Jenny [extra pale ale], Leaning Chimney [smoked porter], Black Mast [American stout], Pour Judgement [IPA], Great Ketch [IPL], and Captain’s Daughter [imperial IPA].

At Whaler’s [Thursday and Friday  4-8 pm, Saturday 1-7, Sunday 1-5]: Spiced Blueberry Berlinner Weisse, Ginger Wheat, East Coast IPA, RYE pale ALE, Lazarette Double Citra IPA [from the Stone & Steel Series], Hazelnut Stout, White IPA, the Rise [American pale ale]. And: “We also have some big surprises that are going to be debuting this weekend.”

At Long Live Beerworks [Wednesday-Friday  4-9 pm, Saturday 1-8]: Something Fancy [IPA, 7.5%, tastings only], Shop Truck DIPA [Armando calls it “grapefruit candy,” 9%], and Bricks and Mortar [oatmeal brown ale, 5.25%], plus a cask of I Know a Girl [IPA with thyme and lemon zest]. On Saturday from 1-5, the Gastros food truck will be serving its savory sausagey creations, paired with a new cask: Canyonero [Heck Hound cask-conditioned with dry and smoked chili peppers].

At Newport Storm [Thursday-Saturday 12-6 pm, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, 12-5]: the seasonal Pilsner, Summer Hefeweizen, Hurricane Amber Ale, India Point Ale, Spring Irish Red Ale — and an Experimental Hop Test Batch [limited supply].

Seek and find for theeself re: Bucket, Crooked Current, Foolproof, Ravenous, and Revival.


There are a handful of tickets available for the Newport Craft Beer Festival; go here for details and the link to the ticket page.

RedLogoBut there’s another big brew fest in Boston this weekend: the Beer Summit will be at the Park Plaza Castle [130 Columbus Ave, a few blocks from the Common] on Friday [4.15, 6-9:30 pm] and Saturday [4.16, 12:30-4 and 5:30-9 pm]. The fest will host 50 brewers pouring more than 200 beers; click here to scan the list. Tix are $60.

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Beer + music = Dogfish Head + Record Store Day 2016


The time, it flies! This Saturday [4.16] is Record Store Day! So let’s dig into the B&C archives for this updated post from 4.14.15 to get you ready for the Big Day [if you wanna skip the history and musical musing, scroll to the bottom for details on Dogfish Head’s slate of RSD events happening all over the state this week]:

As we’ve often noted, we love music even more than we love beer, and regularly combine those life-enriching pleasures at the B&C desk. In November, we did a story about Beer Thousand, Dogfish Head’s liquid tribute to the 20th anniversary of Guided By Voices’ cult classic, Bee Thousand. Here’s an excerpt:

Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, is passionate about beer — and music. In the section titled “Rhythm” in his book Brewing Up a Business: Adventures In Beer, he writes, “I have always loved music — I remember waving my magic Wiffle ball bat and chanting hexes on my parents’ radio in an effort to get it to spit forth Laura Branigan’s ‘Gloria’…As I got older my tastes developed, diversified, and intensified, but my love of music goes back to my earliest childhood memories.”

In 2010, Sam combined his love of beer and music with Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, an imperial stout [which is now a recurring release] commemorating the 40th anniversary of the trumpeter’s milestone disc. Hellhound On My Ale [an imperial IPA] followed in 2011, marking the 100th birthday of storied bluesman Robert Johnson. Dogfish’s Music Series has also spawned a series of one-time [for now] offerings: Faithfull [2011], a Belgian Golden Ale, in honor of the 20th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s Ten; Positive Contact [2012], an herb/spice beer, with Dan the Automator; and American Beauty [an imperial pale ale], a 2013 and 2015 partnership with the Grateful Dead.

So, as Crowded House sang, it’s only natural that Dogfish Head is the Official Beer of Record Store Day, the worldwide celebration of independent music retailers and the permanent and inspiring bond they forge with their customers [aka fellow obsessives]. RSD is highlighted by the release of a jaw-dropping array of very limited edition mostly-vinyl offerings [picture discs, colored discs, 10-inch discs, box sets] by a wide-ranging array of artists.

Metallica are the 2016 ambassadors of RSD. Drummer Lars Ulrich said: “Independent record stores are part of Metallica’s DNA. They have been pivotal in shaping each one of us into the music fanatics we’ve all become. We could not be any prouder to be Record Store Day Ambassadors for 2016 and are looking forward to screaming from every rooftop the next few months about everything independent record store and beyond.”

You can hit the racks and grab the RSD goodies [and much more] at the Music Box [Newport], Armageddon Shop [Providence], Newbury Comics [Warwick and Providence], Olympic Records [Providence], What Cheer Records + Vintage [Providence], Looney Tunes [Wakefield], In Your Ear [Warren], and Vinyl Guru Record Shop [Newport]. Check their sites for details on in-store performances and other enticements.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.25.15 AM.previewOK, back to the beer-and-music connection: Dogfish Head has released a special tuneful brew, Beer To Drink Music By. The DFH crew says it “was created as the perfect beer for fans to pair with their favorite songs. Utilizing ingredients inspired by some of our favorite tunes, the four primary ingredients (orange peel, peppercorns, candi sugar, and cardamom) were inspired by the following: ‘Orange Crush’ by R.E.M., ‘Sgt. Pepper’ by The Beatles, ‘Sugar On My Tongue’ by Talking Heads, and ‘Mock Song’ by Phish. The result is a Belgian-style Tripel and a perfect marriage between beer and music. ‘The enjoyment of a beautiful beer with an amazing album at the same time is an exponentially awesome experience,’ Dogfish Head founder and president Sam Calagione says. ‘This beer is purposely built for this ideal.’ ” There’s also a sweet new official RSD poster by artist Tim Parrott [available for free at select stores and bars that sell Dogfish and on RSD at participating music retailers] and a custom mini-traveling turntable by Crosley, with the Dogfish logo and the slogan “Analog beer for the digital age” on the inside of the cover. You can buy the record player [$120] at Dogfish.com — or you can enter to win one at RSD/DFH events at these spots [you get a raffle ticket with each purchase of a DFH beer]: today through Saturday at the Mews Tavern [enter all week; drawing on Saturday]; on Thursday [4.14] at Pizza J [drawing at 10 pm]; on Friday [4.15] at the Thirsty Beaver in Cranston; and on Saturday [4.16] at 84 Tavern on Canal in Westerly [drawing at 10 pm]; the Ocean Mist in Matunuck; the Scurvy Dog in Providence [drawing at 10 pm]; the Malted Barley Providence [drawing at 10 pm]; and Pour Judgement in Newport [drawing at 10 pm].

And, to come full circle to the B&C desk, here’s a suggestion for your Record Store Day bin-diving: Van Morrison’s Veedon Fleece, a transporting treasure from 1974. Here’s a highlight: