Waiting for Juno: it’s just beer; Wade Boggs; and beer cans turn 80

We hope to have some big beer news this week, though it may be delayed due to our new best friend Juno. In the meantime, enjoy these beer reads before the power goes out…

“A Single Word: The Case For Beer,” by John Holl at All About Beer, is the latest musing on the use of the phrase “craft beer.” Holl concludes: “[W]e’re just going to call it beer.” In the September/October 2014 issue of Imbibe magazine, Joshua M. Bernstein concludes, “Call it craft. Call it crafty. Or maybe, just maybe, simply call it beer.” Bernstein’s piece delves deeper into the history and business side of the discussion.

Craft beer fans go to great lengths to buy top-rated brew, by Nestor Ramos @ The Boston Globe [“On Craigslist in Boston, a case was selling for $250 — each four-pack of cans costing nearly as much as a barrel of crude oil.”]

Did you see the season premiere of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia? In “The Gang Beats Boggs,” the gang competed to match Wade Boggs’ record for prodigious beer consumption on an airplane. Here’s some background re: Boggs’s legendary suds intake, by David Laurila from FanGraphs.com:

“In 2001, [Brian] Rose [(who) had a nondescript career, winning just 15 games over parts of five seasons. Before hurting his arm, he was Boston’s top pitching prospect] was ‘all fired up’ when he was claimed off waivers by the Devil Rays. ‘Not because I was going to Tampa,’ explained Rose, ‘but because Wade Boggs was a coach there. He was my idol growing up.’

“Rose soon learned that Boggs could put away cold ones like nobody else.

“ ‘I was sitting next to him on a plane and a flight attendant came by and gave him a case of beer,’ said Rose. ‘He slid it under the seat and I was like, “What’s up with that? We only have an hour flight.” He said, ‘That’s mine.’

“ ‘The whole flight, we were just shooting the shit, and he went one beer after the other. I said to him, “I’m impressed with the way you hit, but I’m more impressed right now.” He goes, “Yeah, beer doesn’t affect me. I don’t get drunk unless I’ve had at least a case and a half.” I don’t think he even went to the bathroom.’ ”

And this, from SI.com’s “Extra Mustard”: “Wade Boggs told Charlie Day he once drank 107 beers in a day”

14 clever ways to open a beer bottle in a pinch, by Christine Erickson @ Mashable

And, in case you missed it, Saturday was the 80th anniversary of the day that “the first cans of Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company beer went on sale in Richmond, Virginia.” Read more at CraftCans.com.

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