RI Monthly presents beer-related cheers; the Scurvy Dogfish Head mega-show; two new brews on tap this weekend; and more!

In 2015, the most-read posts at B&C [aside from the feature on Rhode Island beer laws and various polls] concerned bad news: the fire at the Isle Brewers Guild site-to-be and the closing of Track 84. So we’re gladdened that our scoop on the Malted Barley coming to downtown Providence has brought good news to so many visitors this week [it’s still spreading and has gone international: we’ve had views from Spain, India, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Belize, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, Virgin Islands, and the UK]. Literal and figurative cheers!

OK, let’s clear the inbox and share a bit of growler intel!

Jason and Nichole of Crooked Current Brewery

On Thursday, Rhode Island Monthly’s 2015 Best of Rhode Island bash took place at PPAC. The new mega-issue features 378 [!] awards, a combo of Readers’ Poll winners and Editors’ Picks. Crooked Current was the people’ s choice for Best Brewery; congrats to Nichole Pelletier and Jason Lourenco [the RIM plaque will look nice next to the one they garnered in December 2014 in the 1st Annual Bottles & Cans & Just Clap Your Hands Favorite Rhode Island Brewery Poll]. The Avery was chosen as Best Neighborhood Bar; and the Rhode Island Brew Bus crew got a well-deserved hat tip from the editors for Best Brewery Tours [“not too much competition, haha,” RIBB owner Bill Nangle noted; next year RIM should honor Best Independent Man, Best Bridge Named In Honor of Clairborne Pell, and Best Beer Blog Which Got Its Name From A Line In Beck’s “Where It’s At”]. Congrats to all the winnahs [we’ll add the other beer-related honorees ASAP].

On Sunday [7.26], the Scurvy Dog presents its annual Parking Lot Mega-Show — sponsored by Dogfish Head, which will be pouring Namaste and 90 Minute IPA, and upcapping some sweet bottled offerings. The Scurvy crew will provide an “outdoor tiki bar…awesomeness, and a pinch of love,” and 11 bands: Huckleberry War [2 pm], Swan Point [2:45], Jealous Fuck [3:30], the Jonee Earthquake Band [4:15], the Silks [5], Muck and the Mires [5:45], Citizen Blast Kane [6:30], Sauna Heat [7:15], Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes [8], Round Eye [from Shanghai, 8:45], and M.O.T.O. [9:30]. Admission? Free!! [And it’s Mick Jagger’s birthday.]

The Lagunitas tap takeover at Norey’s is in full swing. Click here for the details.

Two weeks ago, we shared the growler-filling policy at local breweries. We’ve heard that there’s still some confusement, so here’s an encore [and we still need to nail down a few breweries’ rules]:

Crooked Current: They only fill their own glassware.
Foolproof: Will not fill outside growlers.
Grey Sail: “We fill any growler under 72 ounces as long as it has the government warning on it. If it is the 32-ounce ‘medicine bottle’ style, customers need to bring their own cap because we don’t have those in house. Swing tops are also fine.”
Newport Storm: They only fill their own growlers.
Proclamation Ale: Will fill outside growlers.
Tilted Barn: Outside growlers are OK.
Whaler’s: Will fill growlers from other breweries.

A few highlights on tap this weekend:

Proclamation Ale is unveiling Dark Sprout. Brewmaster Dave sez: “4.1% abv dark hoppy session beer. This beer was designed to be a mindf@ck. Looks dark, but still tastes like a dry, light session beer. Simcoe, Citra, Cascade hop combo. Drinkable, poundable.” And this just in: “Just ordered more tanks. More tanks = more beer.” Yay!

Crooked Current reports: “The Raspberry Wheat is back on tap while the Strawberry Blonde Ale takes a breather. We’ll also have our Immorality Pale Ale, and some Oatmeal Raisin Stout that we do not expect to last past Friday night…in the event a relief pitcher is needed, an exotic newcomer, our Neapolitan Brown Ale, will be called up early from the experimental bullpen. Yes, Neapolitan brown ale, just like the Neapolitan ice cream! This brown ale is flavored with vanilla, cocoa, and strawberry. It’s likely to be a new taste for even some of the most seasoned craft beer drinkers among us.”

Tilted Barn has Peeptoad, Raffi, and Sunrise, and their pals from Walrus and Carpenter Oysters will be back for your shucking pleasure [Saturday, 1-4 pm].

And get your tix for Foolproof’s Augtoberfest [Saturday 8.1, 2-8 pm, details here].

Shut out of the Newport Folk Festival? Tune in! “Select sets” will be streaming all weekend at TuneIn.com [the schedule is here].

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Get your beer on this weekend!

beer_oclockWe gave you an early heads-up for beer events on Saturday [follow the links for the full reports]: the Record Store Day/Dogfish Head bashes at Pour Judgement, the Scurvy Dog [with a vinyl swap], and the Ocean Mist [their celebration stretches to Sunday] — short take: buy a Dogfish beer and get a raffle ticket for a sweet limited edition mini-portable turntable by Crosley — and the debut of ’Gansett’s Innsmouth Olde Ale, with a walking tour of Lovecraft historical highlights, followed by a first taste [or two] at the English Cellar Alehouse [though on Thursday ’Gansett was retweeting photos of the tallboys already arriving at stores in MA]. And don’t forget the Boston Beer Summit at the Park Plaza Castle today [6-9:30 pm] and on Saturday [12:30-4 and 5:30-9], with nearly 60 brewers pouring more than 200 brews [tix = $55].

Here are some other destinations to head to on this beauteous weekend: Bucket Brewery [100 Carver St, Pawtucket] will host its monthly Friday Night Sound Check today [4.17] from 6-9 pm, with music by the roots-rockin’ Little Compton Band, beer samples and free raffles. Admission is $15; if you bring non-perishable food items for the Rhode Island Food Bank, you’ll get more beer! And you can ooh! and ahh! at their shiny new cans. Do it!…Tilted Barn Brewery is bursting with brews on Saturday from 1 to 4 pm, with Chinook IPA and Raffi, a Oatmeal Stout brewed with coffee from Updike’s Newtowne Coffee Roasters available for tastings and growler fills, plus tastings-only samples of First Harvest Mosaic, Equinox, and Sunrise…Grey Sail is open today from 3 to 6 pm and on Saturday [with tours] and Sunday from 1 to 5. They’ll have Flagship Cream Ale and Flying Jenny, plus Leaning Chimney Smoked Porter, Captain’s Daughter [limited], 3rd Anniversary IPL [limited], and they tell us “we’re down to our last 10 gallons of the following specialty beers for a while/permanently”: Mary Ann’s Ginger Spice [until the fall], Dynasty Imperial Cream Ale [forever], and Pour Judgement IPA [temporarily]…And you can map out the first leg of your own version of the Rhode Island Beer Trail/Brewery Challenge, with a route that runs from Ravenous Brewing in Woonsocket to Foolproof and Crooked Current in Pawtucket to Proclamation Ale Co. in West Kingston [update from Dave: “tonight 5-8, tomorrow 1-5 pm. Tendril available for growlers, Plattelander bottles. Derivative all gone, but we have Peachlander, remaining anniversary and maybe some other random stuff for tastings…(shhh)” to Whaler’s in Wakefield [and the aforementioned breweries]. Follow the links for updates on what you can taste and take home.

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March Madness: The Favorite Rhode Island Beer Bar Bracket

dunk-beer-glass’Tis the season for Bracketmania, so we decided to get in on the fun and ask YOU to vote for your Favorite Rhode Island Beer Bar.

It was a big challenge to settle on a Sweet 16; we consulted with a few experts, checked the ratings and reviews at the beer sites, and a consensus emerged, which helped to determine the seeding. We tried to place the teams into four geographical regions but settled on “Providence/Warwick” for one side of the bracket and “Outside Providence/Warwick” on the other. And we left a write-in option — a “play-in game” — to accommodate the fine establishments that didn’t make the cut [note: we didn’t include brewpubs, since most of them only serve their own brews; that category could be fodder for a future poll]. Write-ins — aka “how could you leave out _______ ?!?!?!?!?” [the flipside of “how could you put in _______ ?!?!?!?!?”] — can be submitted in the “Leave a comment” link at the bottom of this post or sent to bottlescansclaphands.com.

The Sweet 16 voting will run through Sunday [one vote per reader — tell your friends!]; on Monday [3.23], we’ll post the Elite 8, and you can get ready to make even more difficult picks…

Support your “favorite teams”! Enjoy the Madness!

UPDATE [3.19]: Our teams need nicknames! So here they are! [They haven’t been “approved” by the establishments; we hope they like them; yes, there are a coupla groaners/eye-rollers.]

Track 84 Porters Julians Juggernauts The Avery Bradleys What Cheer Netops The Scurvy Doghouse Doherty’s Ale House Partiers Rogue Island Rascals Doherty’s East Ave Freezeouts Chomp Open Widers The Malted Barley Mash Tuns Pour Judgement Deciders Norey’s Stars Mews Tavern 69ers Stevie D’s Wonders 84 Tavern On Canal Boaters


And [with a nod to the Farrelly brothers] here’s the other half of the bracket: