MORE new beers from Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada,

On Monday, we covered a dozen new and returning brews. “So many beers, so little time [and money],” we said. Today: more beers, no extra time, and even less money….

In a recent article by Andy Crouch in Boston magazine, Sam Adams founder Jim Koch’s disdain for IPAs was clearly stated: “Until recently, the idea of Koch downing a hop-heavy Sam Adams IPA would have been unthinkable. For more than a generation, Koch steered clear of craft-beer trends — particularly West Coast IPA, a widely popular style defined by the use of pungently fragrant and bitter American hops.” Koch said: “I don’t want to make something if everyone else is doing it.” Crouch wrote, “When Koch talks about IPAs, including his own Rebel and the new Rebel Rouser, his energy level visibly flags. For a man possessed of such demonstrable passion for beer, it’s telling that he appears to view these beers as necessary evils. They are, in essence, a Hail Mary attempt to bounce back into the craft scene, where drinkers’ interest in his flagship Boston Lager is waning.” Rebel Rouser, a double IPA [8.4% ABV] made with American, Australian, and New Zealand hops, is hitting stores now. And it’s a beer with a theme song!

On January 7 we mentioned Sierra Nevada’s Nooner Pilsner and Hoppy Lager, and the new 4-Way IPA box. That variety pack just arrived, with three bottles of Ruthless Rye IPA [6.6%], Blindfold Black IPA [6.8%], which debuted in the 2013 Beer Camp sampler, the stalwart Torpedo Extra IPA [7.2%], and another new beer, Golden IPA [5.9%]. The SN folks call it “a gilded homage to mighty Cascade and the wonderful world of hop flavor it inspired.”

And here are a couple of mid-week beer reads:

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