Tuesday grab bag: Cinco de Mayo is a bigger beer day than St. Patrick’s Day or Super Bowl Sunday; beer can crushing and launching with Letterman; and more!

We’re working the wires to find out who’s pouring what at the Newport Craft Beer Festival on Saturday and will share the details in a day or two. We’re also prepping for American Craft Beer Week [May 11-17] coverage — if you want your events posted, send the info to bottlescansclaphands@yahoo.com. But today we’re continuing our new Tuesday Tradition, going light on the words and heavy on the pictures/links.

A word about NCBF tickets:

And why not make a day of it in Newport? [But pace thyself, dear reader]:

Two beer stories worth a click-through:

Cinco de Mayo tops St. Patrick’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday with US beer drinkers, by Nate Madden @ The Washington Times

Craft Beer Brewer Blows Whistle, Gets Own Distributor In Trouble, by Adam Vaccaro @ Boston.com

And today we have two BEER-related Letterman clips: Dave crushes stuff with a steamroller [the beer can-smushing starts at :52] and behold, the beer launcher!


Five beers for Cinco de Mayo [plus a holiday history lesson]

CincoWe spent the weekend clicking through hundreds of music videos and saw Corona’s Cinco de Mayo ad thousands of times during the “Your video will start in…” countdown. So we’re succumbing to May 5 fever and suggesting some beers that don’t rely on limes to supply their flavor. Our pals at CraftBeer.com note that Mexican lagers’ “roots actually lie in Austria, and brewer Anton Dreher, who created the Vienna-style lager in 1836. The style was then brought to Mexico by Austrian brewers in the late 1800s. where it has continued to thrive.” So mayhaps you can rack up a five-pack of these readily available Vienna-style/-inspired lagers to enjoy [sans lime] on Tuesday:

Heavy Seas Cutlass Amber Lager  Samuel Adams Boston Lager   Brooklyn Lager  Blue Point Toasted Lager  Abita Amber

And here’s an illuminating perspective on the holiday, “When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Cinco de Mayo,” by  José M. Alamillo @ Time magazine [“There are a number of competing (but not mutually exclusive) theories as to why this, of all Mexican holidays, was the one to stand out on this side of the border, in the face of ostensibly stronger contenders.”]

On April 28, the day after Bell’s Brewery finished third in the B&C “What brewery would you most like to see in the Rhode Island market?” poll, they announced a $50 million expansion which will raise their capacity to 1 million barrels. On Friday [5.1], the news broke that they will soon distribute to Delaware and Maryland. “With recent and future expansions, we are able to slowly increase our distribution footprint,” Laura Bell, Bell’s VP, said. We hope Rhode Island will be the next state added to their Beer Finder!

 Our Dave parade continues, with a 1987 dip into his Record Collection and his side-splitting stint working the drive-thru window at Taco Bell [“she’s gone already, chief”] from 6.17.96 [apropos for Cinco de Mayo prep]. And it’s Dave to the max on CBS tonight, with David Letterman: A Life on Television at 9:30 pm, and some guy named Obama [and Will Ferrell] at 11:35.