Read all about it: new beers! Grand openings! [And a wee humblebrag]

In our column in the brandy-new Law Issue of Motif, we collected a baker’s half-dozen of 401 brew news, with intel from Providence Brewing Company, Long Live Beerworks, Grey Sail, Beer On Earth, Shaidzon, Revival, and Foolproof.

Click here for the HTML words and/or click here and flip to page 8 for the Virtual Newspaper Experience.

And we’re gonna add a wee humblebrag to this edition of “Read all about it”: The feature we wrote about Narragansett Beer and the Isle Brewers Guild, which appeared in the February 2017 issue of Rhode Island Monthly, won First Place in the Business Story category at the Rhode Island Press Association’s 2017 Editorial Awards gala on April 27. Click here to read “Hi Neighbor, We’re Back!” [And mega-thanks to Jamie, Sarah, and the RIM crew.]


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