Buttonwoods Brewery opens on Saturday [12.9]

The latest addition to the 401 brew crew is having its Grand Opening at its palatial estate at 530 Wellington Ave, Cranston. On Monday [12.4], Morgan Snyder made the announcement on Buttonwoods Brewery‘s Fbook page: “It’s official, folks — we’re a fully licensed brewery. We’ll be kicking off tasting room hours on Saturday December 9 from 12-9. Hope to see you there!”

Initial offerings include Almost There, “a testament to our journey of opening a brewery. Every little step towards our goal we would celebrate by exclaiming,’We’re almost there! and now we are! Almost There is 4.9% Belgian saison, our own little take and homage to or favorite beer, saison DuPont, it’s almost there”; Coming Out, an IPA made with Galaxy and Motueka hops which Morgan notes “is a one and done IPA we brewed specifically for our opening. We’re brewing with the gloves off on this one”; and “a kettle sour, named after our trusty truck Old Gerty, fermented with 100% Brett and conditioned on heaps of local RI blueberries.” [On Tuesday [12.5] he added: “We sent some kegs out to distribution through our distributor The Wine Bros. Keep your eyes peeled for us on tap this week at your favorite bar or restaurant.”]

Cheers to Morgan on clearing all the red tape and finally getting there! It’s a wonderful Xmas present to hisself! Check BB’s Fbook for updates.

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