’Gansett’s Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout is back

This just in from the Hi, Neighbor! crew:

Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout, Narragansett Beer’s signature Rhode Island mash-up with the region’s most beloved coffee company, is back for the season. This time around, the bittersweet stout pays homage to its Rhody roots with two new updates.

The beer is now packaged in bright red and yellow cans [in 16-oz. sixpacks] inspired by the actual Autocrat Coffee packaging and, to top off ’Gansett’s home state brewing revival, this is the first year that the original Hi Neighbor Mash-Up beer is brewed at the Narragansett Brewery at The Guild in Pawtucket.

Also, to celebrate Autocrat’s return, ’Gansett is hosting a series of Breakfast for Dinner events and launch parties:

11.16: Breakfast for Dinner at the Ocean Mist (Wakefield), featuring the Ocean Mist’s famous breakfast menu and a screening of The Breakfast Club on the big screen

11.18 + 19 – Made on Honor Market at Narragansett Brewery (Pawtucket): Official Autocrat launch party with Autocrat on tap throughout the two-day festival

 12.7: Pajama Party at Nick’s On Broadway (Providence), with food offerings from Nick’s award-winning brunch menu, a screening of The Breakfast Club and awards for best pajamas


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