Beervana: the floor plan

Here’s our final pre-Beervana Fest share. On 10.6 we posted the beer list; we also ran a “Beervana A to Z” piece in Motif. Well, The Big Day [Friday 10.20] is almost here for the Officially Sold-Out bash. We’ve been advising you to get a game plan. There are 60 tables hosting breweries and distributors pouring more than 250 beers [ICYM our update in the Providence Craft Beer Week post: Proclamation Ale Co. will be at the fest; their pourings are TBA, and their table is not included on the map since they couldn’t confirm their attendance before the program-printing deadline]. There’s unlimited sampling, but you can likely “only” savor about one-eighth of the amazing array; this math “problem” is based on 32ish two-ounce pours, aka four pints [designated drivees may put more mileage on the beerometer]. So work the list and compile your must-haves — but keep an eye peeled and your ears perked for the “you gotta try this!” exultations of your fellow Beervanaites.

The true obsessives [you know who you are] have been waiting for the last piece of the Beervana puzzle: the floor plan. So here it is:


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