Proclamation Ale Company bids farewell to West Kingston

When we made our first visit to Proclamation Ale Company in January 2014, the brewery was bereft of beer. Well, there was a bit of zzzlumber to be sampled, but brewmaster Dave Witham was preparing to launch his 3.5-barrel system and . [Click here to read that story — which also cites fellow “new kids on the tap” Whalers and Brutopia — and click fast, because Providence Phoenix links are mostly gone from the WWW.] Dave told us about his then-new endeavor: “I [don’t] want to make middle of the road beers that one would sit and idly drink. I want to make beers that grab one’s attention with more extreme flavor profiles and complexity, all while maintaining some sense of balance.” Mission accomplished! [Bonus content: here’s a link to our “Get to know your brewer” Q&A with Dave, from 8.5.15.]

You all know the leaps the Proc crew has made in the ensuing three-and-three-quarter years, including significant expansion at their West Kingston HQ [more tanks and barrels, a canning line], mega-lines for their special releases, glowing press notices from national outlets, an inclusion on the prestigious Zwanze Day beer list, an appearance by Mr. Witham on the cover of Beer Advocate — and the imminent opening of a giant new beer-making/taprooming home off Jefferson Blvd in Warwick.

So, this weekend is the last week at 141 Fairgrounds Rd, and the Procsters are going out with a Big Bash on October 6 and 7. On 9.14, they said on Fbook, “On October 7th, 2017, we will take this battered sign down and begin the migration north to our new home in Warwick, RI. While our stay in West Kingston has been far from perfect, it’s the place that we laid our roots, embraced our identity, refined our craft and built relationships with the people who supported us and made us what we are today. Soooo…Thank you!!! (While we maintain our sarcastic saltiness on the outside, our loving creamy center is truly grateful to you all.)” [They’re “hoping to start doing retail-only mid-October and grand opening around November 1” at the new digs.] The details of the Big Bash — including a double can release — are here.

But you’ll still have a reason to head to 141 Fairgrounds Rd.: Josh Letourneau, who has mastered the brewing at Grey Sail the last few years, will be launching his new endeavor, Shaidzon Beer Company, at the haus that Proc built. We hope to have details from Josh soon, but the mail moves slowly these days… [Bonus content: here’s Josh’s “Get to know your brewer” Q&A from 6.10.15.]

Cheers to mo’ better beer! What a difference three-and-three-quarter years makes!!!!


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