The Rhode Island Brewery Passport has finally arrived!

[Photo from Trinity Brewhouse’s Facebook page]
It’s been a loooooooong time coming, but the Rhode Island Brewery Passport is finally a reality [we beat the drum for it in our epic post, “Growlers and beyond: raising the beer bar in Rhode Island,” which ran on 5.22.15]. When you make any purchase at a brewery that is a “voting member” of the Rhode Island Brewers Guild — Bucket, Coddington, Crooked Current, Foolproof, Grey Sail, Long Live Beerworks, Newport Storm, Proclamation, Tilted Barn, Ravenous, Trinity Brewhouse, Union Station, and Whaler’s — your passport gets stamped, and when you’ve been to all 13 stops, you get a free bomber of End of the Rhode, a formidable Belgian strong ale which was made with RI-sourced hops and honey by the participating brewers! Win win!!

Go hit the RI beer trail!!!!


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