Read all about it: growlers, ‘mass market craft,’ Pabst’s sweet spot, and more

beer-typeIt’s our first post of 2017! Huzzah! Let’s revive a regular B&C feature, with links to a wide range of beer reads:

Giving up the growler, by Zach Fowle @ Draft Magazine [“For bar and bottle shop owners to essentially pour from a tap into a big glass, screw on a cap and call it good is counterintuitive to what brewers are trying to accomplish.”]

How Pabst is taking on Big Beer, craft beer and imported beer all at once, by Jason Notte @ Market Watch [“Pabst Brewing Co. isn’t a big light-lager brewer, it isn’t a craft brewer, it isn’t an importer and it isn’t a marketer. It’s all of those things at a time when beer needs them equally.”]

Here comes “Mass Market Craft,” by Jeff Alworth @ Beervana [“Within the craft segment [however you define it], there are emerging sub-segments. The vast majority of craft beer is still just a few brands — Lagunitas IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Blue Moon and so on.”]

The best beers for not getting fat, by Sarah Theeboom @ Thrillist [“We tend to think of craft brews as calorie bombs, but the growing popularity of session beers means there are plenty of tasty, low-alcohol drinks out there to crack open.”]

17 craft beer predictions for 2017, by Robert Burns @ BostInno [“6. Paralysis will shift consumer choice — With so many options out there, consumers will seek out what is familiar and return to their old standby brands.”]

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