Beervana update: tix go on sale August 7 [including 250 early bird specials]

Beervana_frontOn 7.28 we told you that tickets for Beervana Fest, which will take place at Rhodes-On-the-Pawtuxet in Cranston on Friday, October 14 from 6:30-10 pm, would go on sale Monday, August 1. Due to an exciting change of plans, you’ll have to wait until August 7 to get ’em. But it’s great news all around; as we noted in the 7.28 post, the fest is “greater every year” — and, true to form, the Beervana brain trust is raising the bar yet again in 2016:

“We have decided that we will open the entire second floor this year — adding more tables to make this the largest quality craft collection at a sampling event to date in this area. As a result, we are raising the price $5 to cover costs. This means that tickets are $55 and $65 at the door. We are offering an early bird ticket special, which will be $45 for the first 250 tickets sold. We wanted to give people notice so they wouldn’t miss out on them. So we will be putting tickets on sale on Sunday, August 7 at high noon.”

So: mo’ better beer! An early bird incentive!! The Best Beer Fest in Rhode Island gets even bester!!! So: at high noon on August 7, click here and get those early bird tix!


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