It’s National Beer Day! And Session Beer Day!! Plus: the Go Get Beer report [4.7-10], with a bottle release at Proclamation!!!

5_Prohibition_Disposal(9)_0It’s National Beer Day [aka every day]. Why? Let’s turn the wayback machine to 1933, in the waning days of Prohibition. On March 22, FDR signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, which legalized the sale, purchase — and drinking — of beer [with an ABV cap of 4%]. The law went info effect on April 7. On the 6th — New Beer’s Eve — thousands of suds-craving folks waited outside bars and breweries for the stroke of midnight; in the next 24 hours, 1.5 million barrels of the first-legal-beer-in-13-years were consumed. So raise a glass and toast the sweet nectar of freedom!

sbp we supportThe folks at the Session Beer Project have declared it Session Beer Day. They don’t mention National Beer Day in their manifesto — “insist on 4.5% or less” — and one wonders why they didn’t choose another date for their “holiday.” Spread the cheers!

By the way, it’s also National No Housework Day and National Coffee Cake Day. Beer pairs very well with those celebrations.

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OK, here’s what you can get 72 ounces of this weekend:

plasma Proclamation Ale Company has another big bottle release on Friday, with big special hours: 5-9 pm [no tastings until 6 or so after the initial sales rush]. Proc fans will be lining up for Plasmatic: “Blonde Sour fermented in oak for 14 months and refermented with blood orange. Available in 375ml bottles, limit 2 per person per day. Small run. Only 35 cases available first release.” The rest of the lineup for growlers/tastings [Thursday 3:30-7 pm, Saturday 12-7, Sunday 12-5] : Process/Progress #3 [6.5% ABV IPA with Mosaic and a “sooooper secret hop” and fermented with a “soooooper secret yeast,” and rye in the malt base; but “don’t worry, it tastes like everything else we make”]. Plus: The Stalk [double IPA made with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops, 8.6%ABV]; Derivative: Mosaic [pale ale, 6%; they may have Derivative: Citra on “mid-weekend”]; and Burgess [“ESB brewed with English malts/hops/yeast,” 5%].

 An update from Matt and Kara at Tilted Barn: “As most of you know by now, we’ve been doing our best to keep up with demand but it’s been difficult at times lately. Our new, bigger brewhouse is ordered and being built as we speak but we’re still a few weeks out until it gets here and we’ll need a couple of weeks after that to get it online, scale up recipes, etc. In the meantime we’ve been trying to figure out a way to stay consistent and not have to do the last minute ‘Hey, we’re closed this week!’ post. So after much debate and many beers we’ve decided that we’re going to be open every other Saturday from now through the end of May. Sorry to our regulars that come every week but this way we’ll have some consistency to our schedule until we ramp up production. Starting some time in June, we’ll be back to our regular every Saturday hours plus we’ll be adding a couple of weekday afternoons/nights. Bear with us, we’re almost there. Promise. That being said, here is our upcoming schedule for tastings and growlers at the Barn: April 9, April 23, May 7, May 21, and June 4. As we get closer to the new system being online we’ll keep you guys updated. Thanks for understanding.” On Saturday from 1-4 pm, line up for Pour Sap Maple Brown, Farm Girl IPA, and Libby [blonde ale with Cashmere hops].

Tonight [4.7, 5:30-8:30 pm] is the night of the launch party at Whaler’s Brewing for the Stone & Steel Series. The Wakefield crew is concocting one-off brews; the first batch includes Prometheus, a stout aged in bourbon barrels; Pleiades, a Berliner Weisse-style ale fermented with blueberries; and Lazarette, a double IPA. Tix [$30] will be available at the door; the presale-tix-with-reserve-bottle are sold out, but they say, “[We] should hopefully have some available to buy tonight.”

At Grey Sail [Thursday + Friday 4-7 pm, Saturday + Sunday 1-5]: Hazy Day [Belgian wit], Flagship [cream ale], Flying Jenny [extra pale ale], Leaning Chimney [smoked porter], Black Mast [American stout], Pour Judgement [IPA], Great Ketch [IPL], and Captain’s Daughter [imperial IPA].

At Long Live Beerworks [Wednesday-Friday  4-9 pm, Saturday 1-8]: Shop Truck DIPA [Armando calls it “grapefruit candy,” 9% ABV], Bricks and Mortar [oatmeal brown ale, 5.25%], Lil’ Sippy [dry-hopped session pale ale, 5%] and Black Cat [dry-hopped pale ale, 6.5%].

At Newport Storm [Thursday-Saturday 12-6 pm, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, 12-5]: the seasonal Pilsner [which is available in the Twelve Sheets To the Wind Variety Pack], plus Hurricane Amber Ale, India Point Ale, Spring Irish Red Ale — and an Experimental Hop Test Batch [limited supply].

Seek and find for theeself re: Bucket, Crooked Current, Foolproof, Ravenous, and Revival.

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