’Gansett Beer announces: “We’re building a brewery”

No, it’s not a belated April Fools’ Day entry.

From the statement by Mark D. Hellendrung:

“Today, it is with great pride that we announce that ’Gansett is finally coming home.

“Next week we will move our offices from 60 Ship Street in Providence to The Guild, home of our future brewing operations, at 461 Main Street in Pawtucket. Several months will be spent restoring the building and installing the brew house, and later this year, we’ll be brewing ’Gansett in the Ocean State for the first time since 1983.

“In 2009 we asked you to ‘Drink Your Part’ and you certainly did. Every ’Gansett you drank over the past 7 years was another brick in the brewery, and without you we would never be in the position that we are today. Thank you.”

Click here to read the full piece.

Congrats to Mark and the crew! Get to work on the I Am Pawtucket brew…


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