Narragansett’s Big Mamie comes to shore; updates on the Malted Barley and Proclamation’s Tendril; and more

Some short items for your scrolling pleasure:

Narragansett’s recent special releases — Reanimator Helles Lager, the third entry in the H.P. Lovecraft series, and Double Chocolate Porter, the mashup with Allie’s Donuts — got a bit delayed on their way to market a month or so ago, but were very well received when they reached the shelves. But the ’Gansett crew is happy to report that the next new brew — Big Mamie Indestructible American Pale Ale — is right on schedule. Big Mamie is the nickname of the USS Massachusetts; the battleship “has the distinction of firing both the first and last US Navy shells in World War II,” as noted on the label. Indestructible APA commemorates the 50th anniversary of Battleship Cove, the maritime museum in Fall River, MA, which became Mamie’s home after the ship was saved from being scrapped [’Gansett was a major supporter of the fundraising campaign]. The brew is described as “a flavorful and easy-drinking pale ale [4.4% ABV], as solid and reliable as its namesake.” Six-packs of tallboys will arrive next week — right on schedule and in time for Veterans Day. [And look for news on the final edition in the Lovecraft series real soon.]

On October 6, in “An update on the Malted Barley: ‘Patience, grasshopper,’ ” it was noted that work on the third floor expansion at the Westerly location was only slightly behind schedule and that Colin and Stephanie Bennett hoped to unveil the new space “before Halloween or the first or second week of November.” A little more patience is needed, per their newsletter: “We’re almost there! Renovations have been moving along at a steady pace and we expect to have the third floor opening for business in early December. Specific dates and official opening announcements will arrive by mid-November.”

It’s stout season. Paste magazine blind-tasted and ranked 51 of them [five or six of the Top 20 are in stock at a better beer store near you]:

A little housekeeping: On Thursday [10.29], we posted: In August, Proclamation Ale Company’s Tendril was the readers’ choice in the Favorite Local IPA Poll, garnering 40 percent of the vote. The “1 and 1/2 times IPA” was one of Proc’s first two offerings [with zzzlumber], but has been out of the rotation for a while and has become something a local [sub]urban legend. But we think we know what this tweet is saying:

Later that day, Proclamation mainman Dave Witham got back to us: “No tendril. It’s zzzlumber.” So we updated: “We thought/guessed wrong about what the tweet was saying. We took the ‘roots’ reference literally and assumed that Tendril was making a triumphant return, but it’s zzzlumber. Proving the adage about what happens when one assumes…”

On Tuesday, we updated the update: “Well, it turns out that we were right about what the tweet was saying. Proclamation just posted that Tendril will make its triumphant return on Thursday [11.5]”:

So hallelujah [after all] re: Tendril! Sometimes assuming doesn’t turn participants into a posterior…

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