An update on the Malted Barley: “Patience, grasshopper”

MBlogoOn July 22, we broke the news of the Malted Barley opening a second craft beer-and-pretzels outpost in downtown Providence and said “fingers are crossed for a September opening.” On August 3 we noted that “renovations always take longer than expected, and the new target date for the ribbon-cutting is mid-October. Which is the same time that Colin and Stephanie [Bennett] hope to unveil the splendiferous new third floor bar and dining area in Westerly.”

Spoiler alert: renovations always take longer and are much more complicated than expected. The MB crew has been playing hurry-up-and-wait while work is being done on the upper floors at the Kinsley Building [334 Westminster St], which will house 42 apartments. So there won’t be any ribbon-cutting in mid-October, but Colin was glad to say that “our crew will there in the next five days” to start crafting the restaurant’s ground-floor space and tackling the technical requirements [soundproofing, HVAC systems, ventilation, etc.]. The new target date for opening is late November/mid-December — or, “worst-case scenario, New Year’s Eve.” Fingers crossed!

Work-in-progress at the Malted Barley in Westerly
Work-in-progress at the Malted Barley in Westerly

Meanwhile, the upgrades at the Westerly HQ are only slightly behind schedule. Over the summer Colin did most of the work himself, but was recently joined by a small crew for the home stretch — hoisting roof beams, cutting stairways, and putting in floors. “It’s nice to be working with other human beings,” he said. The Bennetts hope to unveil the new space the “before Halloween or the first or second week of November.” Fingers crossed! Good things come to those who wait!

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