Tuesday grab bag: Cinco de Mayo is a bigger beer day than St. Patrick’s Day or Super Bowl Sunday; beer can crushing and launching with Letterman; and more!

We’re working the wires to find out who’s pouring what at the Newport Craft Beer Festival on Saturday and will share the details in a day or two. We’re also prepping for American Craft Beer Week [May 11-17] coverage — if you want your events posted, send the info to bottlescansclaphands@yahoo.com. But today we’re continuing our new Tuesday Tradition, going light on the words and heavy on the pictures/links.

A word about NCBF tickets:

And why not make a day of it in Newport? [But pace thyself, dear reader]:

Two beer stories worth a click-through:

Cinco de Mayo tops St. Patrick’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday with US beer drinkers, by Nate Madden @ The Washington Times

Craft Beer Brewer Blows Whistle, Gets Own Distributor In Trouble, by Adam Vaccaro @ Boston.com

And today we have two BEER-related Letterman clips: Dave crushes stuff with a steamroller [the beer can-smushing starts at :52] and behold, the beer launcher!


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