New brews from Foolproof and Grey Sail, and the obligatory Super Bowl item

Football-DraftWe’ve assembled a few brief items, while working the beer list for the [sold out!] Rhode Island Brew Fest and trying to figure out how to sample a third [half? a quarter?] of the 225-plus pours [full disclosure: we’re looking into cloning but don’t think we can get that done by Saturday . . .].

On Monday, as a pre-Juno treat, Foolproof did a sneak peek of its new Valentine-themed release, Shuckolate, the chocolate-oyster stout was made with Garrison Confections and Walrus and Carpenter Oysters. If you didn’t get there on the 26th, you can try it this weekend at the brewery [241 Grotto Ave, Pawtucket; today 5-7 pm, Saturday 1-5; $10 includes three samples and a glass] and at the Brew Fest on Saturday. Bombers and draft starts shipping on Monday.

Grey Sail [63 Canal St, Westerly] encourages you to challenge your palate in their tasting room this weekend [today 3-6 pm, Sat & Sun 1-5]. They have Guess the Hop DIPA; a Smoked Porter with ? [the first person to ID the mystery ingredient gets a free growler fill]; and they’re debuting “I’m In Love with the Cacao” Stout. There are other treats on hand, too. And they’ll be at the Brew Fest, natch.

And here’s the obligatory Super Bowl entry: USA Today says more than 50 million cases of beer will be consumed in the US during the Big Game. Forbes offers these factoids: “The 325 million gallons of beer that will be drunk during Super Bowl XLIX Sunday is more than a gallon per person in the United States. Almost as much as the amount of water that will flow over Niagara Falls during Katy Perry’s halftime songs.” [Men’s Fitness has a few reasons why you should not drink a gallon of beer during the Super Bowl: “Assuming you consume the brewskis over a 5-hour span, (a) 185-pound man’s BAC would be .135 – legally unable to drive, physically unable to do just about anything besides sing loudly and take a nap on the couch.”]

So try to stay on the responsible side of a gallon — pace yourself and delve into the suddenly-ubiquitous session brews from the what-are-we-calling-them-now-since-we’re-not-supposed-to-use-the-word-“craft”-right? beerists. There are great and flavorful and below 5% ABV offerings from Founders [All Day IPA — a bargain in 15-packs], Heavy Seas [the new CrossBones], the classic Anchor Steam, 21st Amendment’s Bitter American, Goose Island’s Honkers Ale, Firestone Walker’s Pale 31, locals Foolproof [Barstool] and Grey Sail [Flagship Ale], and many more.

Or just open one bottle of Dogfish Head’s Raison D’Extra, and nurse that 18% ABV Belgian-style strong brown ale [brewed with raisins and brown sugar] from pre-game to trophy presentation…

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