Throwback Thursday: The half-pour [less is more]

Half-PourTo continue the theme of this week’s mantra — “So many beers, so little time [and money]” — we dug into the [very recent] Bottles & Cans archives [9.12.14] for this item:

We’d like to make a modest proposal that our better beer bars offer half-pours. With so many places boasting so many options, the five/six/eight-ounce glass [depending on the ABV] facilitates more diverse sipping and new-beer-trying [and a slight up-charge for the optional size is a plus for the proprietors]. We first encountered the half-pour option at Prohibition Pig in Waterbury, VT, and have been pining for it to catch on ’round here ever since.

Since we shared those words, those “so many options” have grown larger and more dizzying every week. The embarrassment of liquid riches is overwhelming! Repeat the mantra!

We know of one place that has half-pours on the menu: Julians on Broadway in Providence. But there must be other establishments that have introduced the joys of small sampling. We can’t think of a downside for the bars — except, perhaps, an investment in new glassware, since pouring a half-full glass is aesthetically unpleasing. If you know of a better beer bar that has ’em, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. We’d also like to hear from barkeeps about why half-pours aren’t necessarily a good idea. And, as always, we encourage feedback from everyone who reads the work from the Bottles & Cans desk.

We’re also a big fan of flights, of course; we’ve enjoyed ’em at Track 84, the Malted Barley, Miller’s Crossing, Stevie D’s in Cumberland [six seven-ounce servings — for $15!], and elsewhere. But we really wish they were available at Doherty’s Ale House in Warwick, which has 123 beers on tap as we type. The beer list at their Irish Pub in Pawtucket states, “We know with 85 [yes, that’s right, 85] choices in draft it is sometimes hard to decide.” So true! And it’s even harder to decide with 50 percent more beers on tap at Jefferson Blvd! Bring on the paddles!!

And of course, there are so many more options every day, ready for sampling at a tap near you: say hello to Sam Adams’ Rebel Rider, a session IPA [4.5% ABV]; Southern Tier’s 2xPRESSO [7.5%], a double milk stout made with coffee beans and lemon peels; and Otter Creek’s Citra Mantra [5.75%], Brewmaster Mike’s great spring seasonal single-hopped with its floral flower that gives it its name. We’d like half half-pours of each, please….

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The half-pour [less is more]

  1. Natty Greene’s on East Street in North Attleboro MA has been pouring half pours since they opened and will gladly give you a splash if that is your desire. The half pours are served in snifters. Check them out!


  2. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of the beer flight. I think it can spoil the beer experience by putting beers together that probably shouldn’t be paired together. Also, to really enjoy a beer and get a full sense of what that brewery is trying to do, I believe you need the whole glass instead of a few sips.


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